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The Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center is hiring a new Child Forensic Interviewer.  Under the supervision of the Executive Director, and in collaboration with Law Enforcement and DCFS, the person in this position conducts forensically sound investigative interviews focused on obtaining accurate information which can then be utilized to support any subsequent system or court actions necessary to secure the child’s safety and wellbeing.

Job Duties:

Child Forensic Interviewer:

    • Conducts individual child forensic interviews of alleged child abuse victims according to protocol, identifies and assesses issues relating to language, cognitive ability, and emotional state.
    • Maintains and updates case files, case lists, and statistical tracking. Responsible for scheduling investigative interviews and coordinating them with the Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center.
    • Monitors forensic interview process as observer and ensure equipment is operational. Labels DVD’s for forensic interviews, conducts pre-tests and finalizes completed DVD’s.
    • Testifies in civil and criminal court proceedings regarding general interview processes and techniques, as well as interviews conducted regarding individual cases, appropriate and requested.
    • Coordinates with law enforcement and social service agencies in order to facilitate collaboration efforts on behalf of alleged child victims.
    • Serves as a forensic interview specialist in court and interagency meetings; testifies in court as needed; communicates information to appropriate agency personnel to ensure follow through.
    • Maintains knowledge of current research regarding the field of child forensic interview techniques and assessments, and community resources through professional training, in-service training, seminars, workshops, and publications.
    • Participates in Peer Review sessions, which includes interview protocols and child developmental levels.
    • Other duties as assigned.


TEAMWORK: Cooperation, adaptability, flexibility, communication, dependability, supportive of team goals.

    • Works collaboratively with Executive Director, co-workers and agency partners.
    • Demonstrates flexibility in response to unexpected changes in work volume, emergencies, staffing and scheduling.
    • Establishes and maintains open communication to enhance team effort.
    • Promotes professional development and contributes to the professional growth of others.
    • Looks for opportunities to assist co-workers.

RESPECT AND CARING:  Compassion, professional behavior, confidentiality, values diversity.

    • Maintains confidentiality per departmental policies and procedures.
    • Uses interpersonal skills that convey a positive and supportive attitude.
    • Uses discretion in discussions related to staffing or personal concerns.
    • Gives constructive feedback in a non-blaming, positive and confidential manner.
    • Makes continuous effort to identify opportunities to meet/exceed client needs and expectations.
    • Demonstrates commitment to understanding and valuing individual differences and fosters an environment of acceptance, fairness and mutual respect.
    • Values diversity and exhibits sensitivity in dealing with people of varied backgrounds, beliefs and abilities.

EFFECTIVE USE OF RESOURCES:  Effective use of time, people, supplies, safe and attentive work practices.

    • Has knowledge of departmental policies and procedures and exhibits work that is consistent with instructions, guidelines and departmental procedures.
    • Uses skills and knowledge effectively to perform assigned duties.
    • Works in a safe manner while maintaining a safe and clean work environment.
    • Promotes cost effectiveness through the proper use and conservation of supplies and equipment.

INITIATIVE:  Self-motivation, takes on projects willingly, acts on opportunities to improve, contributes new ideas.

    • Fulfills work schedule and commitments.
    • Effectively organizes and prioritizes duties.
    • Takes on projects willingly.
    • Assumes responsibility for own work.
    • Takes the initiative to identify and solve problems.
    • Supports improvement and innovation in the workplace.
    • Demonstrates awareness of and supports the Children’s Advocacy Center’s mission and goals through participation in continuous quality improvement and Center activities.

COVID-19 Precaution(s):

    • Personal protective equipment provided or required
    • Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place


    • Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, human services or related field or experience equivalent.
    • Training and experience in a nationally recognized forensic interview protocol is highly desired but not required.
    • Experience in Child Maltreatment or related field.
    • Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities:
      • The candidate must have excellent communication, listening and interpersonal skills, adaptable and resourceful.
      • Must be a self-starter, able to work independently and as part of a team for the betterment of the Center.
      • Ability to work under stress & handle emergencies effectively.
      • Excellent organizational skills with an attention to detail, accuracy and time management
      • Must be willing to work flexible hours.

Must pass a criminal background and child abuse registry check.

Salary range- 35,000-50,000; commensurate with experience (Full-Time and Contract Work Available)

Generous Medical, Retirement, Dental, Vision and PTO/Holiday Package for Full-Time Candidates