How to Report Abuse

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There are some important things to remember if you are abused.

It’s Your Body

No one has the right to touch you. You can say No.

Abuse Is Never Your Fault

Even if you don’t say no, it is NEVER your fault.

Abused Always Hurts 

It can hurt your feelings or your body.

Keep Telling Until Someone Listens

Even if the first person you tell doesn’t help you, someone will. Telling the right person is how to stop abuse.

What Happens Next Is Not Your Fault

When you tell someone about the child abuse, things may be difficult for awhile, but the abuse will end and you and the abuser can both get help.

What if someone I know is being abused?

If a friend is being abused, you can help him or her decide which adult to tell. If you think a friend is being abused, but you’re not sure, talk with your parent or teacher. If a week goes by and no one does anything to help, tell another adult. Keep telling until your friend gets help. If you can’t get an adult to help, there are telephone hotlines you can call for help, any time of any day, that are free.

  • Believe your friend.
  • Offer support.
  • Try not to appear shocked.
  • Encourage them to tell an adult they trust.
  • Don’t keep it to yourself – tell a trusted adult.
  • Help your friend to keep on telling until they are safe.

How can we prevent this?

Don’t ever put children in a position for this to happen.  Many instances occur in isolated events.  Try choosing group settings with adults and children.

One-on-one contact with a trusted adult is healthy for a child, so drop in on your child and a trusted adult so they both know you are advocating for their safety.

Ask questions if you are a parent or an adult.  Give your child many opportunities to tell you!